- A Leadership Theater Presentation 

The 'flagship' of Leadership Masters' interactive theatre modules, this two-hour presentation is structured as a 1921 Press Conference with Antarctic Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Audience members represent the international journalists who ask the questions of Sir Ernest.  The answers, combined with soaring music and powerful images, create a theatre experience that will resonate and inspire executive students for months and years to come.


Key Messages: The power of inspiration, articulating goals in turbulent environments, building extraordinary teams, creating success from failure, building emotional and spiritual muscle in times of high expectation and stress.


Learning Blocks: Becoming comfortable with uncertainty, learning to 'pivot', creating empowering communication patterns, understanding team dynamics, building connection, energy and hope.


Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 2 hours.


Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 4, shipping.

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MOHANDAS GANDHI: My Life is my Message

 - A Leadership Theater Presentation

This 2-1/2 hour leadership theater presentation looks at change on an individual level, change on an organizational level, and change on a global level. Structured as a 'Movietone Newsreel' of the 1950's, the module examines the life and leadership of the Mahatma, or 'Great Soul' of India's independence movement. Audience members portray various members of the British ruling class who attempt to preserve the status

quo, as Mohandas Gandhi uses peaceable influence to achieve his impossible goals.


Key Messages: The power of influence, building a shared vision, leading by powerful example, communicating across cultural boundaries, inspiring connection, commitment, and action.

Learning Blocks: The practice of influence, strengthening stakeholder connections, creating efficient and effective teams, building workplace energy and excitement, inspiring massive action and achievement.


Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.


Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.





 - An Interactive Learning Workshop

This three hour interactive learning laboratory is designed to increase intellectual complexity through your students' participation in three real-life, real-time, no-win scenarios. Our award-winning actor/facilitators bring the three impossible situations to life, then your executive or high-potential students must manage them to a positive outcome. The three scenes contain both technical and adaptive challenges, plus pressure, expectations, emotions, and enormous consequences. It is real-life pressure, with a built-in safety net of real-life learning.


Key Messages: Leadership vs. authority, managing people and results under crushing pressure, controlling the public relations message, negotiating from compromised positions, articulating resources, rebuilding employee and consumer confidence.


Learning Blocks: Being responsive vs. reactive, distinguishing what is urgent vs. what is important, communicating a clear strategy to all stakeholders, being accountable in failure scenarios, making tough decisions and taking tough action.


Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.


Total cost: $12,000.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.




Being a powerful change agent means inspiring others to change alongside you, and then changing the organization together. Transforming cultures begins with the transformation of self, there is no other way to drive real, sustainable change. To that end, Leadership Masters offers three remarkable and inspiring programs that will help executive students become the change they wish to see, and the change they wish to drive.